Make money betting online, it's possible? The answer YES; 4 tips to start betting and not lose money

Make money with sports betting. It’s possible to have regular benefits betting online? Can sports betting be profitable? The answer is YES. 

make money by betting online

Betting sports. There’s many posts published on many websites about this topic. But, after all, is it possible to win money by betting online? In Shelby Bets we answer YES

What doesn’t mean easy. Reading this post, you’ll be one step closer to not being a rookie betting. If you are starting with betting, you will probably find our BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO SPORTS BETTING interesting, in which we write about our experience with odds and we share with you our knowledge. 

In the first place, and as a starting point, it is necessary to clarify that when we talk about making money by betting, we are not referring to winning a couple of bets, nor to winning a thousand dollars in a month betting on the winning horse. rather, we are talking about earning money in a regular, stable way that allows us to obtain benefits in the short, medium and, above all, long term. That is, at the end of the year, our bankroll is greater than when that year began. And so year after year.

At this point, you will probably be thinking, yes, you're right, but you said you could make money by betting online, can you tell us how on earth can I start making money by betting?

Calm. I am not telling you to calm down, I am giving you the first and most important key in the world of betting. Do not feel disappointed, in this post I will give you other more specific tips that you will like more, but all those tips will be useless if you are not sure that calm is the fundamental basis to obtain profits by betting online. If you have a bankroll of 100 dollars and you want to earn 1000 dollars every month, I'm sorry, you are bankrupt and the bookmakers will get a little richer thanks to you.

And, at this point, I will summarize what I consider the basic keys to making money betting. There are many factors that need to be taken into account, but these are basic pillars that will lead you to succeed in the betting world. Your method of betting can make you earn more or less money, but if you do not follow these tips you will not earn money by betting online.

  • BANKROLL SYSTEM. You need to follow a method to manage your balance. It is essential to know how much money you can allocate to each bet.  There are two major betting systems; flat stake (Don’t know what stake means? Click on the word to see its meaning un our betting dictionary), and variable stake. If you want to deepen more about the bankroll system you can read our post SPORTS BETTING SYSTEMS - BANKROLL. 

  • VALUE. This is, without a doubt, the most important point to make money by betting. Finding bets with value is what will make you have profits. But, what is the value? Value bets are those in which the real probability is greater than the probability that the bookmaker estimates in the odds. If you want to delve deeper into this concept, you can read our post,VALUE BETS, WHAT THEY ARE AND HOW TO FIND THEM.

  • DISCIPLINE. Discipline in betting is the ability to follow a strategy, to bet following a system and only in those bets that have been analyzed and studied, avoiding betting on instincts.Let's give a practical example:
    • You are following a system that tells you that you must bet $50 on each bet with value. After a month, you get a benefit of $100.You are happy to have achieved those gains, so go out to celebrate with your friends. The Lakers are playing on the television against the Bulls, and after a couple of beers you think it's a good idea to bet $ 100 on the Lakers comeback.
    • You have left your strategy; you lose $100 and all the work of the month has vanished. What was the problem? Lack of discipline.

  • CONSTANCE. We can define the constancy in bets as the quality of following our strategy no matter what is happening at that time. You have planned a strategy that you think works and that can give you benefits over time. then, you mark a maximum amount of losses in case it goes wrong. And the next step is to follow that strategy no matter what. If you win ten bets in a row you continue the strategy, but if you lose ten in a row you follow it as well.

This is a very important point and is related to the previous one. It is easy to get carried away by the excitement of earning a lot in a short time. but it is also easy to stop betting on losing, or betting following impulses. Take this as a job, be rational, cold, make bets without looking at short-term results. pay attention to the strategy.

If you put your attention in these points, i’m sure you, at less, won’t lose money. And that’s the first step to make money betting online. Having these tips clear will give you a good basis for making money by betting online. To finish, I leave a brief summary with the most important points of this post, so that you remember these four guidelines and start making money betting. 

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